Falcon PBX

Collaborate, communicate, and connect with your clients as well as your team from your desk phone, desktop or mobile device. We offer a range of offerings for any business that can be customized to grow with you and above all provide the tools you need to succeed.

Managed VoIP

With Managed VoIP you will experience increased productivity through the design, consolidation and application of the necessary equipment and software.


We pride ourselves on offering customized solutions to businesses that have extra-ordinary needs for communication. Whatever your communication need might be; we are here to exceed your expectations.

Customer Focused

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We promise to deliver a simple and reliable system that's been designed with you in mind!


There are no expensive hidden costs. Instead, you'll receive one plan that includes your calls, upgrades, installation, handsets, account management and support.

Included Services

Business Improving


Phone Sytem


Phone Sytem


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Per Month Plan Includes 1000 minutes shared*1 Local Numbers 1 included Toll-Free Numbers 1 included 4.5 cents a minute GET STARTED


Per Month Plan Includes 2000 minutes shared*1 Local Numbers 2 included Toll-Free Numbers 1 included 4 cents a minute GET STARTED


Per Month Plan Includes 3000 minutes shared*1 Local Numbers 3 included Toll-Free Numbers 1 included 3.5 cents a minute GET STARTED


Per Month Plan Includes Unlimited minutes*2 Local Numbers 4 included Toll-Free Numbers 2 included 3 cents a minute GET STARTED

How Our Phone System Works

Real Time Reporting

You can manage your business better by seeing live and up-to-the-minute key metrics about your phone system right on your Falcon Portal.

Multiple Directories, and dial-by-name

You can operate more than one business with just one business number, with sophisticated greeting features formerly only available in expensive PBX systems.


A full-time receptionist costs money. The auto attendant acts like a real person 24/7/365, without the extra salary expense.

Hold Music

Customers who hear nothing when they are placed on hold may think they have been abandoned and they'll go away ...angry. Falcon's large selection of hold music will keep them connected.

Voicemail To Email

Instantly receive your voicemail as an email attachment. This free feature allows you to stay up to date with your business while on the go.


You'll get your own conference bridge with multiple event codes, so that more than one conference call can be going on simultaneously.

IVR ( Customized Interactive Voice Response )

This feature not only lets you know why the customer is calling, it engages them from the beginning and sends them to the correct person the first time.


No more missed calls and opportunities. Callers can reach you at any location you choose. It's easy to enable and disable directly from your phone.

Call Recording

Capture and/or monitor every call for customer-facing employees training and quality assurance programs. Have a record of every customer interaction.

What they Said

Collaborate, communicate, and connect with your clients as well as your team from your desk phone, desktop.