Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to email refers to a business phone system’s feature, which records a voicemail and sends the audio recording file to an email account. The recipient can then download it from their email, and play it with a media player.


How Does Voicemail to Email Work?

Voicemail emails usually include caller ID information and date and time of the message. Depending on what your service provider allows and your preference, this feature can work in many different ways.


Receive Email with the Voice Recording Attachment

A notification with the message attached as an audio file will be sent to your email address. This message will be in your inbox, and it will be saved in your voicemail box. So you can access this message again at a later time.

Receive email with the recording file, but no saved recording: You will get a notification with the voicemail attachment in your email address. The voicemail file is automatically removed from your voicemail box after the mail is sent.

Receive email without attachment: A notification is being sent to your email inbox suggesting that there is an unread message in your voicemail box.

Advantages of Voicemail to Email

Below discussed are just some of the benefits of this feature.

Quicker Retrieval

The average worker spends more than 4 hours a day checking their work emails. This means that in an 8-hour workday, their every other minute is being spent on email alone. With this kind of an email-centric office, voicemail to email facilitates you and your team in seeing new voicemail messages.

The alternative is just waiting for your work phone to blink with a notification each time a voicemail arrives. Most workers fail to see this notification initially. Those who use desk phones always may see it, but they need to be sitting close to the device to contact their voicemail box, enter their PIN, and navigate through many recordings to hear the message. Voicemail to email, on the other hand, makes it more easy to receive and hear voicemail recordings.


Improved Responsiveness

The quicker you get a voicemail, the quicker you will be able to respond to its content. This rapidity can considerably enhance your team’s response time when they contact prospects and customers.

Those who leave voicemail are suggesting some degree of seriousness in your service. Waiting way too long to contact back that caller can kill their enthusiasm. If one leaves a voicemail, then your team has to respond in 15 minutes or so. Voicemail to email enables your team to see the message in just a few minutes.


A Free and Useful Tool for Businesses

Do you run a business that gets voicemails from customers? If you do, then you may wish to think about equipping your agents with access to voicemail to email. It can make them more flexible, responsive, and more available to your customers. This is usually a free feature that comes with voicemail boxes on the majority of VoIP phone systems.